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An Epic story of German dagger

German dagger are invaluable collections as they can tell the story of German history, politics, economy and society during the World War II. In 1929, the severe financial crisis threatened the existence of the nation rendering one-third people jobless and creating unrest in all walks of life. Adolf Hitler at that crisis hour integrated political power and established dictatorship crushing all oppositions by virtue of German dagger.

WW2 German SA Dress Dagger Near Mint

Hitler firmly believed in the supremacy of German race and his desire for territorial expansion provoked World War II. He introduced new social, political and military symbols discarding long cherished national ciphers. Of them, German daggers were most dreadful. Thus a radical change took place in sphere of national life and a new epoch of German daggers started.

German daggers are also familiar as Nazi daggers, Third Reich daggers and World War II daggers. Nazi daggers were called so as they were issued to social, political, military and paramilitary groups of the Nazi government from 1933. They had to put on these ceremonial dress draggers in official and public gatherings. Hundreds of manufacturers produced these daggers in millions. nazi-dagger There were different types of Nazi daggers prescribed for different groups. In armed forces, the essential components of Nazi daggers differed significantly in consideration of their military and paramilitary ranks. From the pommels extending to the markings on the blades, these differences signified the dagger’s purpose as well as denoted prestige to the rankings of armed forces.

German Army had about 15 million soldiers towards the beginning of the war. The Army Nazi daggers were issued to them according to their rank in the army. Paul Casburg designed them in 1935. He made the variations by changing the color of those dagger’s markings of the blade, hangers, and others. The Navy had about 78,000 personnel. Elckhorn Solingen, a special type of Nazi daggers produced by a prominent manufacturer was issued to the naval personnel. German Air Force including thousands of pilots was provided with the Air Force Nazi daggers. It was then dominating the European skies.

Third Reich daggers were issued to millions of SA, private army of Hitler’s political party. The SS, which was the Presidential Guards to the Nazi party were also supplied with SS Third Reich daggers. The Nazi government’s paramilitary unit was a set of organizations, which were responsible for implementing the administrative policies through violence, force and brutality. Paramilitary Nazi Daggers were issued to them. Hence, they were held responsible for many heinous crimes against genocide, the Holocaust and above all, humanity. ww2 german dagger Collecting German daggers may be considered a delicate hobby. Nazi daggers, in fact, are second grade in comparison to world-famous Japanese daggers or katana swords. Recently, sword collectors have opened trade centers as well as auction sites online with their collections to create a lucrative market for the war memorabilia despite its short history. However, procurement of Nazi daggers is forbidden in some countries, particularly among the nations who have sustained profoundly shocking damages during World War II.

Some US states with major Jewish settlements may react unfavorably to any trades relating ceremonial dress daggers of German Army Officers. As these daggers may spark war sentiments; prudence, respect and sensitivity are most important in dealing with German daggers. Previous knowledge of rules and regulations prevailing in the locality where German daggers are auctioned, traded, or bartered. Nobody should adorn, wear, or decorate German daggers in publicly. Collections should be preserved ensuring proper care and maintenance. German daggers This article is published not to condone the acts or atrocities done by the Nazi Party. Rather, it is introduced here with a view to creating legal awareness about collecting German daggers just as war memorial.

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